It did, to me. Once.

It doesn’t any more. I’m free from it.

I went through years of allergies, coughing, wheezing, and laboring to breathe. And many years of going to doctors, waiting, wondering if I was going to get better. Reading book after book on asthma symptoms and treatment, always with my inhaler right beside me, taking breath after breath for the next attack to be triggered. It was no way to live.

But, slowly, over time, I started to get a handle on it all. I got new insights, made a little progress, and, to my own amazement, discovered methods and natural remedies that all but eliminated my asthma. I can even exercise and have fun outside now, without even thinking of allergies or asthma medicine.

Then, later on, I discovered that this stuff didn’t just work for me... I was able to help out a bunch of people and children who suffered not just from asthma, but from other symptoms like allergies, bronchitis, or who were simply dependent on their medication... and didn’t want to be.

Children of Asthma brings together what we have learned and discovered about asthma management. It is a private online forum for tips, stories, ideas, and advice from me and a few of my friends... Friends who also went through the trials of being diagnosed with a chronic allergy disease, and also, with a little help, managed to handle and control it.

We are a small, dedicated group of people. We are committed to sharing our experience, our stories, and our knowledge with you. And our hope is that, through our writing and our lives, we can convince you that true, lasting asthma relief is not an impossible dream - it is the way you should expect to feel and live.

These are the sections of our forum:

What is Asthma?
Here you will learn the complete truth about this disease, and become relaxed and confident by separating facts from myths.
Asthma Symptoms
By learning the real symptoms of asthma and how to detect it, you can know the difference between a simple suspicion, and an actual sign that you need to worry about.
Asthma Treatment
One of the most critical things for you to know in order to avoid distress and pain is the proper way to monitor and continue your treatments.
Asthma Management
Few things are as suffocating in your life as the blocked breathing that comes in the middle of an attack... learn some steps you can take.
Asthma Medication
You should work towards being free and independent of inhalers, but meanwhile, you need to know what they are and how they work.
Asthma in Children
With the proper care and treatment by you, your child’s days can swing from furious misery and suffering to happy, relaxed fun.

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